Dmitry Nikovalev
Scientific activities: image processing, fast algorithms, computer vision, discrete mathematics, pattern recognition.
About: ...
Marina Chukalina
Scientific activities: inverse problems in x-ray microscopy and tomography
About: Archery, skate and ski, love to go to the mountains on the not difficult routes.

Alexey Buzmakov
Scientific activities: x-ray microscopy and tomography, HPC
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Victor Prun
Scientific activities: Tomography, image processing, fast Hough transform.
About: PhD. student

Igor Shchelokov
Scientific activities: x-ray optics,diffraction theory, computer simulation
About: Laboratory of x-ray crystal optics, IPTM RAS, Chernogolovka
Victor Asadchikov
Scientific activities: X-ray methods of research material
About: Head of laboratory

Anastasiya Ingacheva
Scientific activities: Image processing
About: student
Yana Shabelnikova
Scientific activities: Computed tomography, x-ray fluorescence analysis, confocal approach in x-ray microtomography, x-ray optics, research methods of defects in semiconductors, the method of the current induced electron \ x-ray beam.
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Valery Sokolov
Scientific activities: -
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Denis Zolotov
Scientific activities: Computer tomography, x-ray topo-tomography
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